Hand Sketches & 3D Design

Everything starts with a sketch by hand, then scanned on a computer where is reviewed and colored. Only then, the designer and modeler work together to turn the sketch into a 3D model.

3d Mill & Paint-job

From the 3D file we mill a model at scale 1:1 that allows us to evaluate the proportions and the output of the project. After this, we can proceed with the clay model, that actually brings to life the first prototype of the Scrambler, which is then sent to the paintjob.

Detail craftsmanship

Each detail is carefully curated, from the choice of premium materials to the modeling and finish of each single piece: the chiseled drop fuel tank, the classic aluminium side panels, the leather seat, the rounded headlight. That’s how the unique personality of the Scrambler 1100 is born.

Customer test

The final model is ready. Before sending it to production a panel of potential customers evaluates the bike. Only when approved, the creative process can be considered done. The industrial production finally begins, and the legend of the Scrambler 1100 is born.